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Are you looking for plastic mouldingand plastic product assembly?

Plastic Moulding and Product Assembly?


Outsourcing parts of your production can improve your own efficiency and enhance your quality control too.  And it’s even better when you can commission the precise link in your production chain that will add real value to your operation. For some it’s just precision injection moulding – for others it’s the complete product assembly and fulfilment too.

Whatever help you need, we turn your component and product assembly outsourcing into one of your key production assets with:

And we do this by being efficient partners in your manufacturing process.  – you can find out more in the Frequently Asked Questions below.

Here are just a few of the additional benefits that our versatility offers:

Logistics? Yes. Electrical testing? Yes. Low-volume production runs?  Yes. Product assembly without any moulding? Yes. Fulfilment across the world? Yes.

Our added value is whatever will accelerate your manufacturing and supply, as you can see in the short case study below.

Completing the questionnaire below will help us ensure that we add real value to your production operation. But if you need us to sign a confidentiality agreement first before answering the questionnaire please just contact a member of our sales team on 0121 520 8387 to let us know you will be emailing your NDA.

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We always insist on a confidentiality agreement being signed before any discussions take place, is this ok?

Yes of course we fully understand just email your NDA document to and we will complete it and send it back to you prior to any discussion taking place.

What are the advantages to our business of you doing the injection moulding and full product assembly?

There are a number of advantages: a reduction in lead times; greater production flexibility; no ‘caught in the middle’ headaches for the customer; a reduction in unit cost as the whole process can be managed more efficiently; lower overheads; and to some the most important of all - peace of mind.

Are you happy to discuss regular manufacture of smaller quantities of appliances?

Yes we are. For example we manufacture, fully assemble, electrically test and manage all the supply chain of bought-out parts for one customer and yet we only produce 25 of the electrical appliances per week. We also handle any repairs under warranty and product returns. We are always happy to meet and discuss if there is a good fit for both companies.

Would you be interested in just full product assembly even if there was no injecction moulding involved?

Yes we certainly are. We already have customers who don't require injection moulding but use us for everything else from full assembly to electrical testing.

Our current product manufacture and assembly is quite complicated and involves bespoke jigs to ensure accuracy of assembly; would this be an issue?

No, not at all. Our current range of manufactured complete products all required their own unique tailored approach to satisfy assembly, packaging and fulfilment needs. Counterplas has always invested in creating the right assembly line, bespoke jigs and electrical testing requirements if required to ensure our customer's products leave our factory to their exacting specifications and standards of quality.

Do you offer a consignment stock holding, packaging and logistical fulfilment service?

Yes, we have a dedicated area in our warehouse to hold our customers's consignment stock prior to call off and dispatch. Counterplas offers all our customers complete packaging and print solutions that are tailored for their needs and peace of mind deliveries to multiple locations, anywhere in the world.

What type of electrical testing do you carry out on appliances?

Counterplas is equipped to test all components and assemblies on-site, using a range of standard and product bespoke equipment. Counterplas offers test equipment that meets international standards and are approved for shipping to Europe, Asia, Australasia and the USA.

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