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Are you looking to developa new/existing product?

Product development can make or break a company. So we take immense pride in providing a comprehensive and collaborative approach to your product development.

But what if your product development is driven by external factors competition, say, or new regulations? You need a collaborator who understands that bigger picture and can respond quickly to give you a swift and superior result.

And that’s how we work – as you can see in our short case study, where we help a UK manufacturer turn a new regulatory requirement into strong market share growth.

So, no compromise on speed, quality or outcome – but for more about our product development support, please take a look at the Frequently Asked Questions below.

Then take the first step by simply completing the questionnaire below. This helps us ensure that developing your new or existing product will be a painless process. Or, if you need us to sign a NDA before answering the questionnaire, please contact a member of our sales team on 0121 520 8387 to let us know you will be emailing the agreement.

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Before discussing any new development projects we always insist on a confidentiality agreement being signed first, is this ok?

Yes of course we fully understand; and that’s why we have given you the option to email ( your NDA document for us to complete and send back prior to any discussion taking place.

Are you happy to discuss small design development requirements on existing products?

Yes we are always happy to discuss any new product design development no matter how small or large. In fact it can be a good way to try a new injection moulding supplier without affecting your existing supplier relationships. We have helped many new clients start a relationship with Counterplas in this way.

We have a number of new and existing product development projects - but how do we know if your designer will be suitable for all of them?

It is true that many other moulding and product assembly companies employ an in-house designer, but you’re absolutely right - that one person is not going to be sufficiently skilled for every single original project. So we do things differently. We partner with a number of market/product specific designers who each have a proven track record in a specific target market. This has been key to our success, and it means that you will get the best mix of product design and manufacturing advice to achieve your desired results.

In the past we have paid substantial design and development fees and not always been happy with the results, why is this?

It's a case of matching skill set and seniority to the complexity of your project. For example, for a simple re-design of an existing product that requires no research, just a revised CAD model and a prototype, you don't need to commission a top product design house - but you do need a proven, competent designer with the right experience. At Counterplas we save you from this trap by matching the right product designer to your product development requirements.

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