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Are you looking for extra capacityor to move an existing tool?

We want you to know exactly what to expect when buying in extra moulding capacity or moving an existing tool. So we’ve included some useful information in our Frequently Asked Questions at the bottom of the page.

It’s also worth looking at our short case study – an electric lighting company we helped when they faced an urgent outsourcing crisis.

Then please just complete the questionnaire below so that we can make moving your existing tools a painless process.

If you need us to sign a confidentiality agreement first before answering the questionnaire, please contact a member of our sales team on 0121 520 8387 to let us know you will be emailing the agreement.

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How much spare capacity do you have at present?, Could I have a product ready by the end of the week?

Even though capacity on machines does vary machine to machine at any one time, we can free up extra capacity by moving the same tool onto a number of different machines. For example, if your tool was received on a Monday at 10am and we had the material in stock, depending on the quantity required you could have your product produced and delivered by Thursday or sometimes even earlier. It's best just to give our sales team a quick call and they could advise you.

How do we know our tools will fit on your machines?

All modern moulding machines are made with Euro Platens so your own tools should fit the modern range of machines at Counterplas. To check compatibility we carry out a free on-site tool inspection audit to identify dimensions, weights, the condition of the tools and, water fittings, and if necessary we will recommend any remedial work that may need doing prior to moulding. We give this to you as a tool report with supporting pictures.

Is a lead time required for buying materials when we move a tool to you?

Depending on the polymer being used we can normally have the materials delivered the next day. But if you already hold existing material we are more than happy to buy the material off you or take it as free issue to mould your products.

Would we need to arrange our own transport to move our tools to you?

No - we offer a collection service. We just need to know how many tools on how many pallets, and the weights.

How long after your receiving the tool will I see the first sample?

This usually takes just 2-3 days after initial tool receipt and preparation.

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