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Counterplas has been chosen as a Finalist at the 2016 Plastics Industry Awards

PIA Finalist 2016

The story behind the “LOFT STILTS”

There was a gap in the market for a product that would enable the consumer to take advantage of using the maximum thickness of loft insulation (270mm) but still have a useable loft floor for storage.

LOFT STILTThe ‘LOFT STILT’ was designed in collaboration with the product designer and our entrepreneurial client to create a product that would raise the floor height in a loft space to enable the homeowner to achieve a maximum insulation thickness of 270mm and maximise their energy saving efficiency whilst still maintaining a useable loft storage area.

The environmental advantages of this product were further maximised by specifying a 100% recycled polymer to benefit the environment.

The ‘LOFT STILT’ went through a number of design and development stages including initial concept drawings, prototype single cavity tooling, tool trials, product sampling and multi-cavity production tooling.

LOFT STILTS in action

An initial batch of ‘LOFT STILTS’ were promoted through a number of major DIY retailer stores to gauge the consumer’s response, which was a resounding success as it ticked all the environmental green boxes.

The ‘LOFT STILT’ has continued to be a bestseller throughout the UK in helping the homeowner save energy and thousands are being sold every week.

If you have a new or existing product you would like to develop then contact Counterplas ‘Your Partner in Innovation’.

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