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Developing a New/Existing Product Case Study

Turning a market share decline into a market sector success story.

A major UK manufacturer of traffic products faced a big challenge – to completely redesign an existing product to regain market dominance which had recently been taken by one of their main competitors.

In the initial design brief meeting that followed, we proposed an industry respected product designer, with whom we had worked closely on many occasions and enjoyed a very successful collaboration. We knew that this would be the ideal matching of skills to need and opportunity.

Naturally the client wanted to meet this designer – and they immediately saw that we had put together the exact design team combination they were looking for.

Counterplas then project managed the whole programme which included initial design concepts, 3D modelling, and field tests, before having the suite of tools made. Sample parts were produced and approved and Counterplas won the contract to injection mould and fully assemble the new traffic product.

The new product was successful and launched in good time to fight off the competition.

This combination of the best creative team building and our ability to manage the whole process including manufacture, assembly and supply chain management, is why we were chosen – and it’s why we are still their partner, 12 years later, in proactively embracing new and innovative ways to retain a profitable and competitive market advantage.


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