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7 Quick Tips for Getting Faster and More Accurate Injection Moulding Quotes

7 quick tips

… 7 Quick Tips for Getting Faster and More Accurate Injection Moulding Quotes

Supplying the detail really makes a difference

When you request a quote for injection moulding, your supplier needs to know as much about your requirements as possible. The success of your largest project depends on how well the smallest components are executed. Knowing all the details helps your supplier; provide a faster more accurate quote, meet project deadlines, stay on budget, and deliver the quality product you need.

1.  Provide a part drawing

When you have a new part requirement provide a part drawing and CAD file with your RFQ, your moulder can use these drawings to determine factors such as part weight and cycle times and to identify any design concerns. If the tooling exists a detailed tool description is really helpful.

2.  Be specific about quantity and delivery

Instead of just naming volumes, provide information about batch quantities and frequencies, as well as expected daily and weekly usage rates. Suppose you need 100,000 parts. Do you need these parts for the life of the program? Or do you need 100,000 parts per year, per month, or per day? Would a partial part delivery ASAP help you meet tight timelines?

3.  Share your time plan critical milestones

  • When will the orders be placed?
  • When will you need the first samples?
  • When will you need final, approved parts?

4.  Identify desired materials

If flexibility is possible in your polymer selection, your supplier might be able to suggest alternatives to improve part price or reduce lead time. It also helps to know any special circumstances associated with purchase, such as:

  • Special price negotiation
  • Secondary suppliers, such as a specific source for packaging

5.  Specify blemish limitations

Your supply partner will take into account any aesthetic or functional constraint.

These factors could prevent or influence the location of tooling features such as gate location, ejection, split lines or inserts, thus impacting tool design.

6.  Clarify your approval process

It helps for your supplier to know your company’s requirements for approval up front, as these requirements can impact many aspects of a proposal, including:

  • Number of sample parts required
  • First inspection procedure
  • Fit & Function requirements
  • Production part approval process (PPAP)

7.  Include target pricing

Giving an indication your target price up front can help save you time and money. You and your supplier can discuss what can be done to achieve cost objectives by eliminating non-value-added items.

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